Valentine’s Day: Be like “Mohimohi”

Hi, I am Mohimohi The Geneva Bear! In Maori it means: “To tend, nurse, care for, take care of” (Maori Dictionary, 2019).  I want to share with you a secret about Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day used to celebrate the person you loved; whether it was buying presents, romantic dinners or giving them a box of chocolates. The idea was to celebrate your special other half.

But now it has grown to include all other aspects of “love”. It could be your parents, grandparents, children, friends, their pets- the list goes on!

So what can you do for them on this day? You can take them out for dinner, give them a phone call, or just surprise them. Whatever you do, it will definitely help them brighten up their day. If they are anything like me, you can’t bear to be away from them.

If you still haven’t got the hint, just ask yourself a simple question:

Have I taken care of my loved ones lately?

If your answer is: ”Yes!” – Congratulations! Just do the same amazing things you do every day.

But if it makes you ponder chances are you might need to step up your game.

Remember that all the glitz and glamour of expensive presents will never match what you can really offer them from the bottom of your heart. 

So that’s the secret! Pay your parents a visit, take your kids to the park, or get your pet a new toy. Simply look into their eyes and say I love you.

It’s not the present that will make them happy…it’s YOU! ♥

Love, From Mohimohi x