Geneva LIVE Mobile App

Making Work Life Better

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Benefits For You

  • Use on Android or iPhone
  • Get paid on time and accurately
  • Instant access to your past, present and future schedule
  • Get the best travel routes with Google and Apple Maps
  • Easy communication with Geneva using the Patai mai feature
  • Apply for leave
  • Select your preferred hours of work
  • Client details plus alerts & notes to give you a comprehensive overview

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I used Geneva LIVE straight away so I wouldn’t have to fax my timesheets in anymore.”

Te Marama, Geneva Support Worker
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How Does It Work?

  1. Open Geneva LIVE
  2. Login
  3. Review your daily/weekly schedule
  4. Select your Client’s name
  5. Click START JOB
  6. Click END JOB

Your travel is automatically recorded

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the App cost?
Geneva LIVE is FREE to all Geneva Support Workers.

How much data will Geneva LIVE use?
The app uses so little data that it won’t impact on your monthly allowance.

What phone do I need to run the App and manage my schedule?
Geneva LIVE App runs on both Android and iPhone devices.

Will Geneva LIVE update my schedule every time there is a change?
Yes, schedules update in real time with any changes from your Care Coordinator.

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What Is Patai Mai?

Patai mai is the Geneva help desk translated to mean “What can we do for you?”

For queries about Geneva LIVE you can email

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Send a message to Geneva’s friendly support team.

If you prefer to call or email, our team is available 24 hours / 7 days:


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