Fraudulent Notice

Fraudulent 'Geneva Healthcare' Website Alert

In the past our ICT team has discovered that a fraudulent domain and website using the name ‘Geneva Healthcare’ had been set-up.

The purpose of the website appears to have been charging people who expressed interests in jobs with Geneva Healthcare that did not exist. There was also a possible risk of phishing and that they may have provided their confidential details. We reported the site to the authorities so that it could be taken down, and there does not appear to be other websites using the names ‘Geneva’ or ‘Healthcare’ imitating our company.

New Zealand Health Group companies do not charge people money as part of our recruitment processes. If you know anyone who has logged onto sites like this or paid money to apply for a job they believed was genuine, they need to contact the Police. This is an important reminder for everyone to be vigilant and look out for sites such as this that may be using similar domain and companies names, or our brands and logos, to commit fraud or steal money.

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