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Work Solutions is a team of expert health professionals who provide a comprehensive range of Vocational Rehabilitation Services (VRS) designed to prevent workplace injuries and help individuals recovering from an injury or illness successfully and safely return to work. Our dedicated vocational rehab services also help individuals to remain at work (Stay At Work), find suitable alternative work (Initial Occupational Assessments) based on your training and experience and/or become work ready.

Geneva Healthcare’s range of services can be tailored toward all types of workplaces (Industrial, Office, Agricultural, etc.) throughout New Zealand. We offer a prompt mobile consultancy service at your workplace or home. Scroll down for more information on all Vocational Rehabilitation services provided.

“I think my therapist was amazing and the support she gave me was fabulous I really looked forward to seeing her each time.”

“My OT was amazing and was able to advocate for me with my employer who were being quite difficult. I truly appreciate her role and how she aided my rehabilitation.”

Geneva Healthcare Work Solutions client’s testimonials

Work Well Assessments

A good work station set up will result in improved comfort and productivity in the workplace.

We can help prevent discomfort by providing a brief review of an individual work station or a more in-depth assessment for those who are experiencing discomfort.

Work Well assessments can be customised to individual or company requirements.

Please call us to discuss.

Workplace Assessment and Graduated Return To Work Program

We provide a workplace assessment of the job tasks and functional demands with the client and employer.

We work closely with each individual, their employer, health professionals and other stakeholders to provide a plan for a safe and successful return to work following an injury or illness.

Stay At Work (SAW)

We work with both the employer and the individual to ensure a gradual increase in work hours and duties based on the individual’s current level of functional capability and diagnosis.

Our expert therapists can provide regular supervision and practical advice regarding work practices and self-management principles to ensure that the individual can eventually return to pre-injury job demands.

Functional Job Descriptions

A thorough description of the physical and cognitive demands of an individual’s work including task analysis.

Activity Restoration Programs

This is a clinically lead rehabilitation program tailored to the individual’s unique needs.

We assess the current levels of activity engagement versus inactivity within daily and weekly routines and provide weekly supervision to set goals to increase activity levels in preparation for a return back to work.

Gradual Process Injury Assessments

We provide an assessment of one or a number of tasks that an individual is required to complete as part of their role. This can include a detailed assessment of load, repetitiveness, postural demands, sequencing of sub-tasks, and more.

This includes recommendations on how to minimise potential risks to the individual and manage discomfort. These can assist to determine the causation of injury.

Work Wellness Training

We provide staff with training and proactive self-management tools to prevent and/or manage pain and discomfort in the workplace.

Our manual handling workshops provide specific workplace rehabilitation training regarding manual handling techniques focusing on the back and upper limb injuries.

Vehicle Seating Assessments

We provide an analysis of an individual’s seated posture in a vehicle, and corresponding recommendations to maximise driver comfort.

Vocational Consultant / Career Support

We provide an assessment of transferrable knowledge and skills to identify alternative work type options that may be suitable for an individual following illness, injury or change of circumstances. A plan can be developed which includes features like interview skills, CV writing skills, or helping support you back to meaningful work.

Vocational Rehabilitation FAQ

What is Vocational Rehabilitation?

Vocational Rehabilitation are services available to eligible individuals to facilitate recovery and return to work following an injury or illness. Vocational Rehabilitation services also extend to helping eligible individuals to remain at work, find new work or become work ready.

What is a Vocational Rehabilitation Assessment?

A Vocational Rehabilitation assessment takes into consideration the numerous variables that arise when employment is compromised due to an illness or injury. Vocational Rehabilitation assessments can range from improving comfort and productivity within the workplace, occupational assessments to identify alternative work type options, activity restoration programs, injury prevention services and more.

How do I apply for Vocational Rehabilitation Services?

Vocational Rehabilitation services are typically referred on your behalf by either ACC Recovery Assistance (i.e., individuals are referred by ACC to Geneva Healthcare), case managers at private and/or third party insurance companies, or private business whereby an individual within the organisation requests Vocational Rehabilitation (or Workplace Wellness) support for one or more staff members.

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