Nursing Shortage in New Zealand: Could United Kingdom Nurses Help?

District Health Boards and hospitals are looking to employ nurses to help with the shortage right around the country. There are claims that nurses are stressed by working double shifts, which could raise concerns about whether they are putting their patients’ lives at risk.

Geneva Healthcare Permanent Staffing Manager, Shane King, has seen the need for highly skilled nursing talent increase. He recently returned from the United Kingdom, where he met with nurses, midwives, and Allied Health professionals.

“The desire for relocating to New Zealand is strong. Geneva Healthcare now has a database of over 100 UK nurses and health professionals looking for opportunities within New Zealand hospitals and health organisations, and maybe that can help bridge the gap for nurses in New Zealand”

says Shane.

Shane went on to discuss how using nurses from the United Kingdom could be a great solution,

“Health professionals from the UK are a great fit for New Zealand due to a similar health system, ease of registration between the two countries, and no language barriers. Current visa processing times are allowing those hired to relocate within a four-month turnaround time”.

Shane also added:

“Our Geneva Staffing team look for the top people to fill roles in New Zealand. We only source people that are well experienced, reliable, and that will be the perfect fit for the needs and culture of the organisations and facilities we support”.

About Geneva Healthcare | Shane King

Geneva Healthcare is one of New Zealand’s most trusted recruitment and staffing experts for over 20 years. Shane King is the Manager of Temporary and Permanent Staffing.

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