Concussion Experts Come Together to Improve Quality of Care

In a bid to reduce the sometimes permanent brain damage caused by concussions, industry experts are coming together this year to explore the latest on assessment, diagnosis, treatment and management of concussion across age groups, at the BrainStorm International Concussion Conference hosted by Geneva Healthcare, with the support of ACC, MedTech, and the Auckland University of Technology.

“This conference is headlined by 11 internationally acclaimed speakers, including Dr John Leddy and Dr Steven Flanagan from the United States of America, Associate Professor Karen Barlow from Australia, amongst other industry-renowned speakers,” says Dr David Fitzpatrick-Cockram, General Manager of Disability Rehabilitation at Geneva Healthcare.

Attendees will discuss cutting edge insights about concussion including paediatric, adult and sport-related concussion outcomes, the physiology of concussion, all the way through to persistent post-concussive symptoms and more.

With this conference, attendees aim to improve the quality of assessment and treatment of concussion, supporting New Zealanders to achieve maximum independence on their journey to recovery.

About Geneva Healthcare

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