Geneva Promotes Values-Based Service And Work Progression

Twelve outstanding employees who demonstrated the company values in their everyday work have been recognised at Geneva Healthcare’s annual Pillar Awards. Care, Passion, Aspiration, Leadership and Health are Geneva’s company values and this year’s winners displayed those in everything they do for the organisation.

“We are a healthcare service provider and rely on our Staff to support the people we provide care for. All of our Staff have been our champions out there in our communities making it possible for Geneva to enable our Clients to enjoy life, live independently and achieve their goals. We really appreciate our employees’ hard work, commitment and valuable contribution to our company’s success. Geneva have done a lot of great things in our communities, not because one person did really well, or because of one or two managers; we’ve done it as a team of great people,” says Veronica Manion, Geneva Healthcare Chief Executive.

Geneva also recognised employees who reached the significant 10 year service milestone in their career at Geneva. “We offer real career progression opportunities as well as the chance to work in different facets of healthcare. One of our ‘Ten Yearlings’, Mark Radich, started off as a Care Coordinator and has worked in other business units such as Temp Staffing before eventually ending up leading Geneva’s Training division. These ‘10 Yearlings’ prove that regardless of where you start in Geneva, with perseverance and dedication, employees can have a rewarding role at Geneva,” she adds.

Care Award

For the employee who demonstrates strong relationships with customers, provides excellent customer service, and communicates well.

Passion Award

For the employee who demonstrates a real enthusiasm, dedication and passion for what they do, always goes the extra mile and is always positive.

Aspiration Award

For the employee who demonstrates a real pride and ambition for excellence for their job, company and the people we serve.

Emerging Leader Award

For the employee who demonstrates leadership qualities and is an emerging leader in the organisation.

Leadership Award

For the employee, who demonstrates leadership qualities, professionalism, innovation and ideas, carries a positive attitude, inspires others and stays calm under pressure.

Health Award

For the employee, who is a specialist in their role, demonstrates the best service delivery, capability, and capacity and has excellent knowledge of our services, policies and standards.

Family Award

For the employee who is committed to providing an exceptional internal customer service, and is a strong team player.

Best Support Worker Awards

For encouraging Clients to push past the status quo, empowering them to overcome barriers that might get in the way, and providing real support that helps them live their best lives.

Best National Support Worker Winner: Jenny Hogg
Best Support Worker North Island Winner: Pamela De Luca
Best Support Worker South Island Winner: Moya Harrison

Best Temp Staff Award

For the Temp Staff who demonstrates real pride in their work, shows empathy and reliability, is proactive and has a positive attitude, always willing to learn more or go the extra mile.

Winner: Phoebe Lebumfacil

CEO Award

For the employee who consistently produces outstanding results, inspires everyone around them, and goes above and beyond for their Geneva Family.

10 Yearlings Awards

For the employees who have completed 10 years of service with Geneva Healthcare.

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