Geneva 2018 Employee Award Finalists

Congratulations to the finalists of the 2018 Geneva End Of Year Awards

These awards are presented annually to recognise employees who make a significant difference in their everyday work and show an outstanding demonstration of Geneva’s company values: Care, Passion, Aspiration, Leadership and Health, supported by an overarching theme of caring like Family.  These values underpin all the organisation does and employees are encouraged to bring each value to life in their work.

Winners will be announced on Friday December 14.  Best of luck to all of our finalists!

Care Award

Always shows excellent customer service, is always responsive and communicates well.  Has empathy and is always willing to help others.  They make you feel valued and remember the little things.


  • Joanne Jones
  • Neta Clarke
  • Paul Mutia
  • Rhiannon Morgan
  • Summer Su

Passion Award

For the employee who demonstrates a real enthusiasm, dedication and passion for what they do. Always goes the extra mile and is always positive.


  • Barbara Mercer
  • Becky Watson
  • Lynda Curry
  • Mike Nguyen
  • Shane King

Aspiration Award

For the employee who demonstrates a real pride in, and ambition for excellence for their job, company and the people we serve. They will work hard to achieve goals, always willing to learn more, achieve more and be the best they can.


  • Beccy Gulliksen
  • Danielle Harrison
  • Gary Payne
  • Richard Sissingh
  • Tinnu Singh

Emerging Leader Award

For the employee who demonstrates leadership qualities and is an emerging leader in the organisation. They will display some or all of the following characteristics: determination and the will to succeed, a willingness to learn, the initiative to pursue an idea, trusting and empowering teammates, is a hard worker, shows integrity and has fun.


  • Alesha Moy
  • Gemma Clark
  • Joel Soma
  • Shristi Vinayagan
  • Vikki Perana

Leadership Award

For the employee who demonstrates leadership qualities, professionalism, innovation and ideas. Carries a positive attitude, has the ability to inspire others and stays calm under pressure. Always seamlessly gets the job done, has a desire for constant improvement and a belief in achieving extraordinary things.


  • Caroline Fabian
  • Erica Thomas
  • Suzanne Payumo
  • Theresa McEntee
  • Troy Dibble

Health Award

For the employee who is a specialist in their role, demonstrates the best service delivery, capability, capacity and has excellent knowledge of our services, policies and standards.


  • Belinda Dodunski
  • Deb Flanagan
  • Jodi Harper
  • Lupe Vete
  • Sarita Alay-ay

Family Award

The Family Award is to recognise those who live our company values every day, and reflect these in their work.


  • Anjali Bhat
  • Bronnie Farnell
  • Kamara Gounder
  • Mark Radich
  • Sarah Stevens

CEO Award

For the employee who consistently produces outstanding results, inspires everyone around them, and goes above and beyond for their Geneva Family.


  • Amanda Henwood
  • David Hughes
  • Lana Johnstone
  • Merilyn Manik

Best Support Worker Award

For encouraging Clients to push past the status quo, empowering them to overcome barriers that might get in the way, and providing real support that helps them live their best life.

North Island:

  • Jacqueline Watson
  • Naho Takeuchi 
  • Pamela De Luca
  • Vevila Veikoso

South Island:

  • Jenny Hogg
  • Moya Harrison

Best Temp Award

Demonstrates real pride in their work, shows empathy and reliability, is proactive and has a positive attitude, always willing to learn more or go the extra mile.   


  • Ansar Aftab
  • Francis Bekomson
  • Phoebe Trisha Lebumfaci
  • Rowena Prada
  • Sereima Adiyawa Bullivant
  • Sue Fesuiaiga Braithwaite
  • Tangianau Halagigie
  • Toa Tatafu

Good luck to all our finalists and well done to everyone who was nominated for an award this year.