A Support Worker’s Honest Opinion About Geneva LIVE

Meet Te Marama.

She’s a Geneva Support Worker who has spent the last 15 years providing Home Support to our Auckland communities. During this time, Te Marama has seen many great improvements and advancements at Geneva Healthcare and in the Home and Community Support Services (HCSS) industry.

Te Marama is always looking for ways to make her work more streamline and productive, even if it means trying something new and innovative. When she heard that we had released our new Geneva LIVE Mobile App 2.0, she was one of the first to try it out and has loved it ever since.

Geneva LIVE gives our Support Workers a lot of benefits that aren’t as easy to access without the Mobile App. Benefits such as getting paid accurately and on time, electronically submitting shift start and finish times, applying for leave, updating their preferred hours of work, accessing schedules and better travel routes, as well as Client details. Most importantly, Support Workers can add notes and send instant alerts if a Client’s situation has changed.

Before using Geneva LIVE, Te Marama used to have to fill in timesheets for every shift she worked, then fax them off to the office to get paid.

I used Geneva LIVE straight away so I wouldn’t have to fax my timesheets in anymore.

Support Workers can also record their shift start and finish times by calling a certain number on the Client’s phone. Even though the number is free to dial, most Clients are often reluctant to let Support Workers use their home phone.

By using Geneva LIVE, Support Workers no longer need to use Clients’ phones or get their signature on their timesheets, which is helpful if the Client is out or unable to sign.

I couldn’t wait to get rid of the timesheets. They were a pain in the butt!

For Te Marama, supporting people was never just a job, it’s her passion. So she welcomes anything like Geneva LIVE that can make her work easier to do, so she can focus on her Clients’ wellbeing.

I love supporting people and meeting different Clients. I have supported one of my Clients for over 10 years. When we met, he was blind so I helped him look after his home and be there when he needed me.

Te Marama strongly encourages other Geneva Support Workers to download and try the app for themselves.

You will love it!

says Te Marama.

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