Why do you need physio for your workplace?

Great employers regularly refer to us to review workstation and ensure good ergonomic practices to encourage greater efficiency and performance of their staff. This results in a reduction in absence and higher morale.

We also work with employers to provide training, assessment, and safe systems of work to ensure the health, safety and welfare of their employees where manual handling activities are carried out.

There are high costs associated with staff absence. The financial costs to employers can include sick pay, costs of temporary staff cover, potential new recruitment costs, low staff morale, possible legal and compensation cases, reduction in productivity, increased risk of errors and injuries with potential impact on insurance premiums.

The costs to injured staff through poor work practice or posture disorders are also high and can pose a high financial cost, lower morale, threaten future work opportunities and prospects and can have a major impact on home and family life.

Our On-site Physio Solution

We are keen to work with local businesses to provide a first class service, to reduce work-related injury and increase efficiency amongst staff. physioFIRST can help employers to maintain staff health and wellbeing.

Our Occupational Health Physiotherapy services include:

  • specialist provision of on-site assessment
  • training in ergonomics such as individual workstation assessment, posture correction and advice
  • back-care awareness classes
  • group manual handling training sessions

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