What Does Our Payroll Team Think About Geneva LIVE Mobile App?

Emma Andrews, Geneva Payroll Manager (white blazer, standing in the middle) and Geneva Payroll team.

Geneva LIVE is an easy to use Mobile App that makes it easy for our Support Workers to be paid correctly and on time without the need for using paper timesheets.

Emma Andrews, our Payroll Manager, has welcomed this latest innovation from Geneva since day one. 

Geneva LIVE is fantastic! It saves time and effort for both our Support Workers and my Payroll team.

According to Emma, Geneva LIVE enables her and the Payroll team to process shifts for Support Workers daily, and it helps eliminate pay queries. Every time a Support Worker clocks out, the information goes straight to our Payroll team to process. It means they no longer need to worry about filling in paper timesheets and then emailing or posting them to us. Since the process is fully automatic if your data or wifi is on, Support Workers don’t have to worry about not submitting their timesheets on time to get paid for working shifts from the previous week. 

Emma is especially not fond of the traditional paper timesheets as it consumes a lot of paper for scanning and printing.

Geneva LIVE has brought the Payroll team into the 21st century and increased our ability to be more sustainable and eco-friendly by reducing our carbon footprint.

What Emma likes most about the Geneva LIVE App is that the Payroll team can see almost straight away if there are any issues with mileage or the shift times. These problems can be addressed immediately to prevent inaccurate payments going to Support Workers. 

The rest of Emma’s team are also very impressed with Geneva LIVE’s features, and cannot wait for all Support Workers to be on the App. She believes it would make everyone’s work life a lot easier. 

Emma is very excited to see what else Geneva LIVE can offer in the future and is strongly recommending the App to all Support Workers to use. 

You can see your roster and Client details in real time, find the best travel routes and communicate with Geneva with the live chat feature. You can even apply for leave via Geneva LIVE. What’s not to love about it?!

Geneva LIVE is FREE to all Geneva Support Workers on both Android and iOS devices. Everyone using the app each week will receive a non-taxable weekly reimbursement of $2.50 which can go towards a data plan that will be enough to cover the data charges incurred by using the app. It uses so little data that it won’t impact on your monthly allowance.

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