“What does it take to be a champion?” Veronica Gives Us Some Insight

Veronica Manion is the Chief executive at Geneva Healthcare. She loves coming to the Colour Cruise for many reasons, but one of the ways is that it’s a great way for her to meet new Clients and those that keep coming back year after year, hoping to win a race!

 “What does it take to be a champion?” she asked. She then listed dedication, determination, and concentration are some of factors, but she also highlighted that there are no two champions that are alike as it’s all about diversity: “Looking around the room I see a lot of diverse champions. We all have different abilities, attributes, values and beliefs, cultural background and gender identity, – as without diversity life would be very boring! We are a beautiful mix of people, and we are all dazzling in our own unique way.”

Thank you Veronica, for allowing us year on year to create the Colour Cruise, as you know how it makes everyone feel special – It was a fantastic day had by all.