Time to #endPJparalysis

“Get up, get dressed and get moving!”

On the 4th of July America celebrates their independence from Great Britain – did you know New Zealanders are also celebrating their independence?

“Get up, get dressed and get moving!” is an annual campaign linked to the global social movement #endPJparalysis reminding people of the benefits of staying active while recovering in hospital. Waitematā DHB professional and clinical lead for physiotherapy Sharon Russell says:

Patients get better faster when they swap out bed-rest for active recovery, which can include simply getting up for the day, getting dressed and walking down the corridor to eat lunch in the patient lounge.

Getting up and moving improves strength and stamina, reducing the risk of falls enabling patients to recover sooner. Evidence shows 10 days in a hospital bed can result in people over the age of 80 losing 10 years’ worth of muscle mass.

Health professionals are working to reduce prolonged bed rest, promoting physical independence while in hospital.

 Losing the ability to get out of a chair or walk to the toilet can be devastating for many older people Waitematā DHB gerontology nurse specialist Elaine Docherty says:

If you get dressed in your own clothes, you’re more likely to walk around, feel more confident and restore your sense of self. This can be the difference between dependence and independence.

Join the global movement to #endPJparalysis. Where appropriate, whānau are encouraged to support their family members to “get up, get dressed and get moving!” while recovering in hospital and at home. Let’s celebrate everyone’s independence by getting up and getting dressed, so everyone can get moving! To find out more about #endPJparalisis please click on this link.