Promoting a Healthy Lifestyle in the Workplace

Last week Solon and Paul, two of our Geneva Healthcare Temp Consultants met up with Phoebe, a Geneva Registered Nurse, and also the winner of our Temp of the Year for 2018, for a match on the tennis courts. Solon says playing tennis helps create good bonding with his colleagues, and also helps with their health and well-being. He strongly recommends this fun activity for everyone, as it provides excellent fitness and health care services for employees in any workplace.

It really helps you to feel relaxed at the end of your working day.

He hopes this activity will attract other Temps to join them, so the group can potentially grow into a fitness club.

Sports for Building Social Work Relationships 

Solon and Paul are based in our Quay Street office. They help book and recruit Temp Staff, like Phoebe, to shifts at local hospitals and aged care facilities. Prior to tennis, Phoebe had only spoken with Solon and Paul through phone calls and emails, so she didn’t know their faces.

I felt really happy. I had a lot of fun. Solon was really patient and helpful to get our strokes back and Paul had a lot of enthusiasm, he made the encounter livelier.

Not only did it help improve her physical and mental health, but now she can put faces to their names. This sort of social bonding can improve the whole atmosphere of an office, making it a place people want to come to every day.

Employee relationships are incredibly important to nurture as they impact how staff will be able to work in a team, and how they will cope with the stressful situations work life throws at them. Phoebe has since been encouraging other Temps to join the group, because the social benefits have really made a difference – it’s a great way to get to know the people who you have been working with, and she feels much more comfortable in the office as a result.

Sports for Staff Health and Well-Being

Paul is also very excited about where the group is heading. He says that work can sometimes be tiring, but by doing sports like tennis to split up the work week, it really helps to his self-improvement and concentration.

We all know the feeling of being stuck inside all day at our 9 to 5. Breaking up the day with outdoor activities raises our heartrate, and exposes us to some much-needed vitamin D. This is proven to increase our mood, reduce stress, and improve our health and overall performance during the day.

It’s great for staff to be on track with their fitness goals. Having a healthy lifestyle and a work-life balance is very important. All the Temps are really looking forward to their next meeting!

Geneva Healthcare is proud to promote a healthy work-life balance

All Geneva Temps and Support Workers are welcomed to join Solon, Paul and Phoebe and their fitness cardio tennis program. Please contact Solon at [email protected] or Paul at [email protected] for more information.

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