Leading Health Staffing Company Reveals Rebrand

Inadequate staffing in health organisations can leave both patients and staff vulnerable. Staff may experience increased stress and fatigue, while patients may have longer wait times for less urgent procedures and treatment.

In response to these industry challenges, Geneva Healthcare’s Staffing Services is rebranding to ‘Geneva Staffing’. The rebrand aims to give more visibility to Geneva’s Temporary and Permanent Staffing Services that match great people with equally great health organisations.

Winner of numerous SEEK recruitment awards, Geneva has been an industry leader for over 20 years and was founded initially as a Staffing company before expanding into Home and Community Support and Rehabilitation Services.

Having easy access to high quality staff helps organisations to quickly adapt to changes, whether that is someone calling in sick or a team needing more staff permanently. This improves the health and wellbeing of everyone, including current staff and patients,

says Veronica Manion, Geneva Healthcare Chief Executive.

Healthcare and medical roles took first and third place, and eight of the top twenty ‘hardest to fill’ jobs in New Zealand, according to SEEK’s Employment Report, 2018 – 2017. Most of those jobs were also experiencing a tightening trend towards the demand for staff outpacing supply.

When there is a high demand for more staff, it can be tempting for organisations to choose quantity over quality. It’s essential to also match the needs and culture of the organisation with the candidate’s skills, experience and personality. We can help assess and recommend compatibility as well as perform the necessary background and qualification checks,

 explains Shane King, Geneva’s Temporary & Permanent Staffing Manager.

With a limited pool of candidates for some roles in New Zealand, Geneva Staffing is also recruiting health professionals from the United Kingdom and Australia to help meet demand here.

High quality candidates are attracted to the benefits we offer them. Our Temporary Staff get flexible shifts, competitive rates, and free training, while our Permanent candidates can receive competitive salaries and career development. Some Permanent roles even offer relocation packages and visa support, which is great if you’re moving country,

adds Shane.

Geneva Staffing also helps students to begin their careers in healthcare by offering paid work experience while they study, as well as great jobs after they graduate and have a bit of experience.

It’s important that we nurture the next generation of healthcare professionals, so we partner with organisations like Nurses of Auckland University Student Association (NASA) to help their members transition from studying into their careers,

 adds Veronica.

Geneva is the only New Zealand healthcare provider and recruitment company to receive the 2018 YWCA Best Practice Compact Award for proving their commitment to equal pay and gender diversity within their organisation.

For more information about Geneva Staffing services and how we can match great organisations with great people, visit www.genevastaffing.co.nz or connect with us on our Geneva LinkedIn.

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About Geneva Staffing

Partner With Great People & Organisations

We are trusted experts in Temporary and Permanent Health Staffing. Since 1996, we’ve been connecting Great People who bring their skills, experience and personality to Great Organisations with world class facilities, career development and competitive packages.

We work closely with healthcare organisations from New Zealand and overseas as their preferred staffing partner, and nurture the next generation of health professionals to kick start their careers by offering them great opportunities before and after graduation. 

Geneva has received multiple industry awards including being the only healthcare provider and staffing company to receive the 2018 YWCA Best Practice Compact Award for proving our commitment to equal pay and gender diversity within our organisation. 

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