Hon Michael Woodhouse First Visit to the Colour Cruise…What did he think?

Who is Hon Michael Woodhouse? He is the Deputy Shadow Leader of the House, a Member of the Select Committee for Health and Party Spokesperson for Health, and also at one stage the Minister for ACC! He also likes to play and referee rugby games too – the list truly goes on regarding all the things he dedicates his time to.

Thankfully he managed to come to the Colour Cruise 2019. He was aware of the work Geneva Healthcare has done:  “We have developed a really good relationship with Geneva across the various areas of work that you do; we’re learning a lot about the fantastic work that you all do”.

The races kicked off with a BANG from the air horn, and everyone went shot off like rockets to get to the finish line “I had to jump out of the way a couple of times! You guys really know how to compete!”

He also took the time to honour the Support Workers: “I am in Awe of the work that you do. And the fruit of that labour is evident in the faces of everybody here” – and that was true! Everyone in the room was smiling, as it was such an uplifting day.

It is with high respect that we honour you Hon Michael Woodhouse for helping us celebrate the day. Your presence was a great addition to the atmosphere.

If you want to hear more about Hon Michael Woodhouse please visit his website to understand all the work he does!