Hon Carmel Sepuloni Visits the Colour Cruise for the second time!

Hon Carmel Sepuloni is a big fan of the Geneva Healthcare’s Colour Cruise – because this is her second time at the event! So why does she like coming back? As she is the Minister of Social Development and Disability issues, she is always hands on with how she can help both the Clients and our Support Workers as well.

When she arrived she got straight to work, and made her way to each of the 30 tables to introduce herself and to boost the morale of the racers (that was 120 Clients and Support Workers!).

She gave an impassioned speech about how we are all champions: “You’ve turned up today to demonstrate to all of us, and yourselves the importance of keeping active, the importance of participating, and the importance of competition”.

Thank you Hon Carmel Sepuloni for coming out to experience the event with us – It was an honour for us to host you, but also so you could see that our goal is to help everyone live their best lives.

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