Geneva LIVE 2.0 Mobile App Is Trending #1 On Google Play NZ

Geneva Healthcare is a leading force in the industry known for creativity and technology driven innovative solutions that enable us to be more responsive in the delivery of high quality healthcare services.

Our technology ecosystem includes a number of innovative in-house built solutions that form an integrated platform that allows the seamless sharing of vital health, service provision and wellbeing information with our Carers and other stakeholders as our Client moves through the continuum of care.  This enables the achievement of self-determined Client health and wellbeing outcomes while supporting a cost-effective healthcare service delivery solution.  This innovative ecosystem includes key integral and interrelated components that are wrapped around our Client Management System to provide the same holistic real-time view of the Client to Caregivers and service support teams.

We recently introduced our second generation mobile app, Geneva LIVE 2.0 for Support Workers, which is available in both Android and iOS versions. 

It connects directly to our CRM software and gives us a more efficient and reliable process to capture and share information across our teams in a more timely manner.  It replaces the manual (and at times prone to delays and errors) process of reporting of shifts completion via paper timesheets with an automatic electronic timesheet verification that provides a more transparent and accurate information about care delivered to the Client.  Its Geo Coding capability helps reduce Support Workers’ travel time while ensuring that they are appropriately and suitably compensated for travel. Geneva LIVE also enables immediate reporting of incidents and changes in Client condition that allows us to proactively engage with the Client and their family to ensure that we can  be responsive to their changing needs and potentially can intervene earlier.

Geneva LIVE is exclusively available to Geneva Healthcare Support Workers.  It’s now trending #1 on Google Play NZ.

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*Trending data collected on 2 March 2019 in New Zealand