Geneva Elevator Celebrates NZSL Week

New Zealand Sign Language Week celebrates one of our official languages and raises awareness of New Zealand’s Deaf community. It also provides a platform for Deaf people to proudly promote their language which is used by more than 20,000 Kiwis, daily.

Our Geneva Elevator team came together to share some basic signs that you can use in your everyday life and help celebrate with the Deaf community. Geneva Elevator supports persons with disability, injury or health concerns through rehabilitation, skills training, and job placement so they can enjoy living independently in their community.

“I made a cake, yum. What’s included in it? Biscuits, chocolate, lollies and it tasted yum.”

“Jug, cup, sugar, Milo, tea, coffee. But I don’t want a hot drink it’s hot, I want water.”

“Hello…I want to talk about family. I am a Mother, I have one daughter. Mother, Father, Brother, Sister, Uncle, Aunty, Cousin, Grandmother, Grandfather, Nephew, Niece, Step Mother, Step Father, Step Brother, Step Sister. Thank you.”