Everyone Can Exercise! #ChangeDay

Change Day is about doing something, no matter how big or small, to improve the healthcare experience for every Kiwi. In the past few weeks, Geneva’s team joined in and helped out at ACC’s Community Strength & Balance classes across the country in support of the Live Stronger for Longer campaign.

At one of the classes Geneva Healthcare gave out bottles of water at a Sit Fit class, run by Kensington Gym in Whangarei. The class concentrated on strength and balance exercises using a mainly seated position and was run by Instructor, Bett Harvey.

“I enjoyed our Change Day Pledge Project because I am passionate about the Live Stronger for Longer campaign and the benefits that it produces. Being able to attend a Box & Balance class in Hawkes Bay was a privilege and very inspirational!” says Sue Thompson, Geneva Service Manager. “I think everyone involved continues to make a positive difference to their health by promoting the benefits of strength and balance exercises. Having sustained a concussion injury the month after I first started with Geneva, I lost a lot of confidence and needed to constantly be aware of where I was placing my feet. The concussion highlighted my balance deficits”, adds Sue.

Around one in three people aged 65 and older will have at least one fall each year. Regular exercise like attending Community Strength & Balance classes can help you build up your leg and core strength, which in turn will improve your balance and reduce your risk of a fall.

We would like to thank ACC, Ministry of Health, Health Quality & Safety Commission New Zealand, for their continued efforts to help reduce the risk of falls for those over the age over 65. Keep up the good work everyone!