A Surprise Special Guest for the Colour Cruise…Mohimohi!

We had another surprise special guest, proudly marching in with his Olympic torch…though when we say special guest, I think we actually mean a bear – it was our bear, Mohimohi! But what does “Mohimohi” mean? In Maori it means “To Care” as that’s what we do: “There are our amazing Support Workers caring for our Clients, our Sign Language interpreter letting our Clients know what we are saying, and our sponsors who pitched in to help us put this event together” – Veronica Manion (Chief Executive of Geneva Healthcare).

But why was Mohimohi at the Colour Cruise 2019? His job was to start a relay with 13 other Clients and Support Workers as you can see in the photos. The purpose of the relay is to show that we all need to work together as one. Whether it’s our Clients, Support Worker, the New Zealand Special Olympians, Special Guests, the Volunteers, the list goes on! We all need to be as one, as we are all champions!