Geneva Healthcare Founder Cements Place in NZ Hall of Fame for Women Entrepreneurs

The decision to enter the health care services and recruitment business, whilst completing postgraduate study at Auckland University, forever changed the career path for Josephine Gagan, who has joined a select list of women inducted into the New Zealand Hall of Fame for Women Entrepreneurs.

The Hall of Fame

The New Zealand Hall of Fame for Women Entrepreneurs is a place to honour women who have been successful in their industry, and who have paved the way for young women to grow in their footsteps.

It was championed by the Co. of Women – a community for women entrepreneurs to support and drive female success. The Hall of Fame has been running for six years, and this year Josephine Gagan is one of three women to be inducted.

It is a prestigious honour for a woman in New Zealand, and Josephine’s road along the path of success has earned her nothing less.

An Entrepreneurial Spirit and a Goal to Help People

From an early age, Josephine had two clear ambitions; she wanted to own her own business, and wanted to help people.

As one of the first students to complete the post graduate Diploma of Management (Health Services) at the University of Auckland’s Graduate School of Business, it is no surprise that Josephine Gagan has been placed in this hall of fame. Her passion for helping people and her entrepreneurial spirit has meant that she has been the longest serving CEO amongst lead service providers in the New Zealand health care services industry.

Twenty-three years on, she is now the CEO of New Zealand Health Group – the nation’s largest provider of home and community support services. They provide services like Enabling Good Lives for those with disabilities and those needing support in their own homes. They have an annual turnover of $600 million a year.

I am thrilled and humbled to be included with such an accomplished group of businesswomen and entrepreneurs and feel honoured to receive this recognition

says Ms Gagan.

The industry has had to overcome many hurdles over the last two decades and I’m proud to have been able to influence change in the sector by looking at smarter, better ways of delivering care in the community.  I encourage radical thinking and challenge the status quo, which makes for a pretty exciting work environment

she notes.

Making an Impact on the Healthcare Industry

Since launching her business as Founder of Geneva Healthcare in 1996, she has made a resounding impact on the healthcare industry, driven by the desire to make a tangible difference to the way people are cared for in this country, by understanding and developing innovative systems that can greatly enhance the customer journey through our health care systems.

A third-generation nurse, Ms Gagan believes the strong female role models of her mother and grandmother sowed the seeds for a role in the health profession, where she can care for the community.  She puts her success down to having a clear vision, choosing the right people in the right roles, and trusting those people to do the job.

Through innovation, dedication and focus, Josephine continues to lead the growth of the business she now manages,

says her former business partner, Roger Lampen.

A StrOng Leader for Geneva Healthcare

Ms Gagan adds she believes in growing constantly, continuing to learn and hopes to continue mentoring more women to help them take the leap and develop to become a huge success in their roles.

She shows no signs of slowing down any time soon, and we can’t wait to see Josephine Gagan take Geneva Healthcare to the next level.