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6mm Heel raise

Alter biomechanics and function in the sagittal plane at the rearfoot

  • May be attached under the heel area of Formthotics to elevate the calcaneous
  • May be attached directly into the heel cup of a shoe
  • May alleviate Achilles tendon and muscle strain
  • Assists in balancing leg length discrepancy
  • Improves function in a forefoot equinus
  • Hard density Formthotics Formax™ foam for durability
  • Available in two heights: low (approx 4mm thick), high (approx 6mm thick) when measured at the centre of the heel raise

$6 each $12 pair

Formthotic insoles

Formthotics are revolutionary custom medical orthoses, used for the treatment of lower limb injuries as well as for injury prevention, enhanced performance and improved comfort.

Formthotics were invented by a Sports Medicine practitioner and are successfully used in the fields of Sports Medicine, Podiatry and Physiotherapy. Formthotics are thermoformed (heat moulded) to a patient’s unique foot shape and shoe type in the clinic. They are 3D milled from closed cell Polyethylene foam which has unique mouldable qualities. They are compatible with biomechanical and neuromotor aspects of lower extremity function.

The effectiveness of Formthotics has been evidenced by many independent researchers. Formthotics Custom Medical Orthotics are only available from a medical professional.


Wobble board

Balance discs and wobble boards are a great tool for all ages. They are excellent for adding a little extra excitement and difficulty to games for kids while also improving their balance and motor skills. Balance discs can be used as cushions to sit on to help younger ones stop fidgeting – great for at home or at school!

For those a little older they are great for adding to difficulty to exercise or rehabilitation exercises. Adding a balance disc or wobble board to make your support surface unsteady will help to engage the smaller muscles around your joints, improving stability and reducing your risk of injury.


Lumbar rolls (round & D)

This high quality lumbar support is designed to minimise stress on the spine in any sitting position.

A vital product, hand picked by our experienced physiotherapists, to aid recovery from spinal injuries (particularly those that are aggravated with prolonged sitting).

This is the lumbar support that comes most highly recommended by our Physiotherapists and is the ideal density and shape for the majority of patients seen in clinical practice.


Hot wheat packs

KIWI made wheatbags. Premium quality, made of 100% locally produced wheat and 100% cotton wheat bag. The wheat bags are sectioned to allows even distribution of wheat and can be moulded to specific areas on the body

They are a great alternative to hot water bottles on cold days and chilly evenings.


Cold packs

Re-usable cold packs manufactured from a new soft and flexible elastic gel that stays very supple for both hot and cold therapy. The elastic gel is non-toxic and biodegradable. Can be heated in the microwave or frozen.

  • Fast & Effective
  • Versatile
  • Inexpensive
  • Reusable
  • Non-Toxic Biodegradeable Gel
  • Pack Will Not Leak

$8 plus 

A19 - Allcare Total Ankle Brace


  • Provides support and stability to the ankle
  • Resists inversion and eversion movements of the ankle
  • Use as a prophylactic support or following ankle injury


  • Lace up design provides a snug and custom fit
  • Non elastic figure of 8 stabilising straps mimic athletic taping techniques and lock the heel
  • Bilateral plastic splints offer extra stability – simply remove splints if required
  • Elastic closure strap locks in tied laces and stabilising straps
  • Universal design – fits right or left foot


  • Mild to Moderate Ankle Sprain
  • Ankle Instability
  • Recurrent Ankle Sprain


MUE652 4-Way Stretch Ankle Brace With 360 Degree Compression

Stay active and comfortable with the revolutionary support designed for 360 degree compression. Provides warmth and support to unstable, arthritic, swollen and injured ankles, the 4-way stretch ankle support features a no-seam knit that offers snug comfort and fit.

Breathable and made from latex free materials, the support won’t bunch, bind or pinch your skin. Forget what you think about traditional elastic supports, this one surrounds your ankle in comfort.


  • Circular weaving produces targeted compression vertically and horizontally
  • Better fit thanks to full-heel knitting design,shaped like your foot
  • Antimicrobial
  • Softer feel, will not leave skin indentations
  • Made from Latex Free Materials
  • Longer design for better fit


W11 Allcare Universal Wrist Splint Black


  • Palmer splint stabilises the wrist
  • Provides compression and support to injured and weak wrist


  • A metal palmar splint and elastic wrist strap to stabilise the wrist
  • Universal design – the metal splint can be positioned to fit the left or right hand


  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Soft Tissue Injuries
  • Wrist Pain
  • Wrist Strains
  • Wrist Sprains


MUE641 4-Way Stretch Knee Support With Circular Weaving For Targeting Compression

Stay active and comfortable with the revolutionary support designed for 360 degree compression.


  • Circular weaving produces targeted compression vertically and horizontally
  • Better fit thanks to longer proportions above and below the knee
  • Made from Latex Free Materials
  • Antimicrobial
  • Softer feel, will not leave skin indentations
  • Multi-level knitting reduces bunching behind the knee
  • Custom knit pattern surrounds knee cap and reduces pressure on the patella


OPP1021 Knee Support Open Patella

Open patella design knee support provides compression for weak or overstressed knee.


  • Open patella design relieves pressure
  • Exclusive reinforced patella stabilizer to prevent displacement
  • Breathable neoprene with cotton inside lining


Ideal for post-operative knee problems, strains/sprains, weak knee, arthritis and patellar instability



Open Patella Support OPP1221


  • Adjustable straps offer stability and prevent slipping.
  • Open patella design relieves pressure on the kneecap.
  • Provides compression for weak or overstressed knees.
  • Contour design for custom fit.

How To Wear:

  • Position the opening over kneecap.
  • Wrap and secure the shorter strap behind knee joint, between upper and lower straps.
  • Wrap and secure the upper and lower straps to front of support.


  • Mild strain/ sprain
  • Arthritis
  • Weak knee


  • Regular: $48
  • XL: $62

Exercise Band


  • Helps strengthen and rehabilitate muscles
  • Provides resistance to increase muscular strength
  • Five colour coded strengths
  • Band ranges from light to X-Extra Firm


Shoulder Pulleys

Developed by a practicing physical therapist in 1985, the Stretch Ranger was the first web-strap over-the-door pulley on the market. Today it is still the market leader in design. A low cost, simple-to-use device, the Shoulder Pulley helps increase and maintain range of motion in all planes of shoulder motion.

Used in the home, it allows patients to increase the gains made in the clinic and helps speed the recovery process.

Please note this is a stretch device not exercise device.


E30 - Universal Tennis Elbow Strap


  • Basic 5cm nylon strap withD-ring closure
  • An adjustable hook and loop strap for desired level of compression
  • Universal design to fit right or left elbow
  • One size fits all


  • Provides compression of the forearm muscles and relieves pressure on the tendon


  • Lateral Epicondylitisand (Tennis Elbow)
  • Medial Epicondylitis (Golfer’s Elbow)


Moves Ankleciser

The MoVeS Ankleciser is a great ankle exerciser, complying to all the rigorous quality standards we demands of our MoVeS branded products. It’s as easy in use as it’s effective. The feet slip comfortably into the latex free elastic band which consists of two stitched loops. Available in 4 different resistances, this progressive exercise system enables the user to chose the desired resistance level to perform the exercises, ranging from rehab to athlete.

Sold as a pack of 5  (catalogue says each which is incorrect sorry)


Protens Machine

A regular TENS with adjustable pulse width, pulse rate, intensity, modes and an accurate timer of 15, 30 and 60 minutes, will stop output at pre-setting time.


  • Dual Channel
  • Hard Carry Case
  • Battery Powered
  • Adjustable pulse width, pulse rate plus intensity
  • Timer of 15, 30 and 60 minutes
  • Will stop output at pre-set time
  • Compatible with commonly available electrodes


  • Channel: Dual, isolated between channels
  • Pulse Amplitude: 0-80mA peak to peak into 500 ohm load.
  • Pulse Rate: Adjustable, from 2Hz ~ 150 Hz
  • Pulse Width: Adjustable, from 30uS ~ 260 uS
  • Mode: B, N, M TIMER: Selectable, 15, 30, 60 Minutes (or 15, 30, constant)
  • Wave Form: Asymmetrical Bi-Phasic Square Pulse
  • Voltage: 0-40V peak into 500ohm load
  • Supplied with the following accessories:

**1 x Carry Case **2 x TENS Leads**1 x Operating Manual **1 x 9V Battery **1 x Packet of AllCare Self Adhesive Electrodes (4 per pack)


K Tape - Kinesiology Elastic Therapeutic Tape

AllCare Premium K-Tape is an elastic therapeutic tape, abbreviated for Kinesiology tape.

Premium K-Taping gives support and stability to joints and muscles without affecting circulation and range of motion. It can also be used for Preventive Maintenance, Edema, and to treat pain.

K-Taping is a technique based on the body’s own natural healing process. This K-Taping exhibits its efficacy through the activation of neurological and circulatory systems. Using an elastic tape, it was discovered that muscles and other tissues could be helped by outside assistance.

The K-Taping Method is applied over muscles to reduce pain and inflammation, relax overused tired muscles, and to support muscles in movement on a 24hr/day basis. It is non-restrictive type of taping which allows for full range of motion.


Sizes Available: 5cm x 5m, 7.5cm x 5m, 5cm x 31m

Colours: assorted colours – may not be able to guarantee your choice


AllCare All-Fix Underwrap Tape

AllCare All-Fix Underwrap Underwrap Tape, hypo-allergenic, adhesive non-woven fabric ideal as an under dressing for all taping techniques.


  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Adhesive non-woven fabric Adhesive: Acrylic adhesive (latex free)
  • Available in 50mm
  • 10m roll length
  • White coloured


  • Intended Use: quality product will remain in situ even when wet.
  • Materials: 100% Polyester, White, Sideway stretch non-woven fabric
  • Colour: White
  • Adhesive: Acrylic adhesive (latex free)
  • Release Paper: Siliconized glassine paper
  • Sizes Available: 50mm x 10m x 1 Roll


Premium Rigid Sports Zinc Oxide Tape

AllCare Premium Riged Sports Zinc Oxide Tape is the highest grade tape available, combines excellent adhesion and maximum tensile strength to provide ultimate support to joints under stress. Cerated edge for easy hand tearing.

AllCare Premium Sports Tape is made from 100% cotton fabric coated with a zinc oxide adhesive and features extremely strong adhesion.

Perforated adhesive coating of Premium Sports Tape allows air to circulate and thus lets the skin breathe.


  • Premium rigid strapping tape for joint fixation
  • Serrated edge allows an easy tear
  • Made from 100% rayon fabric coated with a zinc oxide adhesive
  • The thickness of the adhesive coating ensures that the premium sports tape adheres securely to the skin or underwrap


Nature’s Kiss Anti-Flamme Everyday

Strong support for bumps, bruises and strained muscles.

  • Natural ingredients
  • Refreshing peppermint scent
  • Fast acting temporary support
  • Suitable for daily use
  • 90g

Nature’s Kiss Anti-Flamme Everyday contains a carefully selected range of natural oils, chosen for their healing properties. Arnica oil, Calendula oil, Hypericum oil and Peppermint oil have been traditionally used in herbal practice to help soothe minor joint and muscle strains.


Natural Emu Oil Skin & Joint Products

E-balm is a natural anti-inflammatory which is rich in emu oil, coconut oil, almond oil and other essential oils. Comprising of oils only E-Balm contains no water, making it very stable. It is formulated to ease aching muscles and joints and is daily described by our customers as Magic!

A must for every family from sporting teenagers to active grandparents. Make sure your family makes it part of their daily routine. Can help with:

  • Arthritis
  • Injury recovery
  • General Muscle and Joint pain
  • Sports warm up and warm down

100g: $31.50
500g: $86.50

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