A Story That Warms Your Heart

11 July 2019

A Story That Warms Your Heart

Meet Carolyn and Ruth.

Carolyn is one of our finest Geneva Support Workers, and has been with Geneva for just over 6 years! 

Ruth is one of our lovely Homecare Clients, and she regularly receives support from Carolyn.

Every day, I look forward to Carolyn's arrival. She gave up a corporate job to care for older people who need a bit of extra support. She not only quietly and efficiently takes care of me, but she also brings her love and wisdom with her. Since she cares deeply and she brings a great perspective to me. I even call her 'My Angel'.

Carolyn used to be a successful businesswoman who managed a bank branch in South Africa. She moved to New Zealand to pursue her lifelong dream of helping people who truly needed it:

People were so kind and supportive towards me…so I felt I needed to give something back to the community. When a friend of mine told me that there was a shortage of Carers, I decided to take part and become a Support Worker at Geneva Healthcare to help people in need.

Her husband used to wonder why she gave up such a great job and a comfortable life in South Africa, but he realised that Carolyn finds it much more rewarding in helping other people.

Carolyn always goes above and beyond to reach out, and understands our Clients very well so she can provide them with the best help and care possible.

There are so many lonely people out there that need help, and it is not always about the monetary value. Older people have wisdom, knowledge, and looked after us in the past. We owe it to them to take care of and respect them.

Carolyn and Ruth

Carolyn, Geneva Support Worker (left) and Ruth, Geneva Client (right)

I enjoy working at Geneva, it's flexible, I love my Clients, and I've never felt stressed in my work. It is so satisfying to bring happiness to others,

Said Carolyn. 

She strongly recommends being a Support Worker to others. She encourages everyone to go out and help people who are in need.

Supporting people is no longer a job for Carolyn, because she loves what she does so much. When asked about the key to becoming a good Support Worker, Carolyn said:

Being a Carer is about listening, taking time and observing their needs. Most of all, it is about being compassionate and being there when they need you most.

Carolyn has unfortunately moved to Rotorua. Although it was difficult to say goodbye to such an amazing Carer, we are happy to hear that Carolyn will continue helping people in local support groups.

Is Ruth OK now Carolyn is gone? Let’s hear what she has to say:

I would like to thank Geneva for my daily Support Workers. They are all such caring people, and I couldn’t manage without them.

We wish you all the best Carolyn and we do hope to have an opportunity to work with you again!

Getting better and staying well is often easier when you’re living independently in the comfort of your own home.

Our Geneva Certified Support Workers and Nurses, who have been selected especially for you, can come to your home to help you keep living the way you want to live. We’ll work with you and your primary care team to provide you with your personalised care plan and follow-up programme.

Our services are free to those eligible for government funded support. We also provide private funded services.

Get Support

We offer real career opportunities, competitive rates, free training with an option to earn while you learn, and the flexibility of permanent, part time or casual work.

We have also been recognised as the only healthcare provider and recruitment company to receive the 2018 YWCA Best Practice Compact Award for proving our commitment to equal pay and gender diversity within our organisation.


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