Book Of Best Lives Episode 5: Mental Health

14 February 2019

Book Of Best Lives Episode 5: Mental Health

The past be difficult and the future can be fearful, but we should focus on the present and just do it.

Dr David, Geneva Clinical Psychologist and General Manager, shares his thought on Viliami’s inspirational comeback story.

Book Of Best Lives Episode 5 - Mental Health with Dr David

Viliami was diagnosed with stage 4 Chronic Kidney Disease in 2015 and was living with excruciating pain. It was too much that he lost motivation in life and became depressed.  His depression reached a point where he even turned down the opportunity to start dialysis.  

When one of the Geneva Community Living staff said something very meaningful to Viliami that hit him hard, he decided to give dialysis a go.

 That was the best decision I’ve ever made! I started feeling better, and I began to feel alive again! I started socialising and going out in my community again; I even went to the gym!”

Chronic Kidney Disease patient

a Geneva Community Living staff and Viliami (right)

I constantly remind myself to not give up.  If today is not my day, then there will always be tomorrow, another day for me to strive harder and do better.  I’ve also learned to be grateful for the opportunities that I’ve been given. I chose to share my story to inspire others and hope that they won’t give up on their life too. 

Viliami said.

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