Education Services

Nursing Tutors

Many of our registered nurses make the successful transition from clinician to nurse tutor. Some enjoy the teaching and mentoring experience so much they return each semester to take up teaching posts. Others prove so valuable they are employed permanently by institutions such as Massey University and Unitec who deliver first class internationally recognised nursing programmes.

Our nurse tutors are specialists in their field and many hold or are studying towards postgraduate degrees.

Nurse Educators

In today’s diverse, ever-changing healthcare environment, Nurse Educators are often the leaders who redefine processes for a better work-flow, document the outcomes of educational programs and guide staff, students and patients through the learning process.

Here at Geneva Healthcare our Nurse Educators provide a combination of clinical expertise and a passion for teaching, two of the core skills that strengthen the nursing workforce while providing peer mentorship. Working closely with healthcare professionals and patients to improve disease outcomes and innovative approaches for patient management—from educating professionals on new treatment protocols to working with patients and caregivers to educate, train, counsel and provide clinical support.

Our Nurse Educators can design and evaluate academic and continuing education programs for your nurses and clinical staff. 

Here are some topics you may like to consider:

  • Wound Management: basic and advanced principles
  • Infection Control
  • Health & Safety
  • Continence: bowel and bladder
  • Manual Handling