Overseas Applicants

If you are an overseas applicant wanting to work in New Zealand, Geneva Healthcare will not only help you to find the right job but will also give you the right kind of support and guide you through the processes that you will need to undertake including:

Professional Registration

The professional registration process will take approximately 4 - 6 months and is very dependent on how quickly you return all the necessary paperwork to the appropriate registering body. 

Geneva Healthcare are able to offer you full guidance and support with applying for your registration. It is important that you read the guides to applying for registration carefully as your application will be returned to you if any documents are incorrect causing unnecessary delays in processing your registration.

We have outlined a number of the professional registration bodies in New Zealand below. As costs and information change, we recommend you click on to the relevant web link below:

Nursing Council of New Zealand

Website: www.nursingcouncil.org.nz

Email: oseas@nursingcouncil.org.nz (overseas registration inquiries)

Please note: all internationally qualified Registered Nurses, including those from English speaking countries, will be required to complete an English language assessment. There are two that are recognised - Occupational English Test (OET) and International English Language Testing System Exam (IELTS).We recommend the Occupational English Test (OET) to applicants with English as their second language as it focuses on nursing based questions and even though it costs more, you will more likely pass this. A score of B is required in each section.


You could also sit the International English Language Testing System Exam (IELTS) Academic test and achieve an overall pass rate of no less than 7 and no less than 7 in each band. We recommend this test to native English speakers as it is a comprehensive test with some very obscure questions.


We recommend that you practice for this test as many English speaking nurses fail due to time constraints. You can go on line to do this free of charge:


Midwifery Council of New Zealand

Website: www.midwiferycouncil.org.nz
Email: info@midwiferycouncil.org.nz

Occupational Therapy Board/p>

Website: www.otboard.org.nz

New Zealand Anaesthetic Technicians Society

Website: www.mscouncil.org.nz

NZ Physiotherapy Board

Website: www.physioboard.org.nz/index.php?Registration-Overseas-QualifiedPhysiotherapists

New Zealand Immigration Requirements

Disclaimer: Geneva Healthcare are not Licensed Immigration Advisors and therefore cannot advise on immigration matters. Our information is based on that which is publicly available or that is prepared or made available by the Department of Labour.

We suggest applicants visit the Immigration of New Zealand website www.immigration.govt.nz to gain an understanding of what options there are available and what is involved with each type of visa or work permit. However, below is a brief guideline:

For New Zealand & Australian Passport Holders

If you hold a New Zealand or Australian passport you are eligible to live in work in New Zealand and do not need to apply for a visa.

Immigration for non-Australians and non-New Zealand Passport Holders

There are several ways you can gain entry into New Zealand to work. Options to work are as follows: 

Working Holiday Visa

This type of visa is for 18–30 year olds. Depending on which country you are travelling from this allows you to work in New Zealand for a short period of time. Please check the NZIS website for more information on how long you can stay and if you are entitled to this type of visa. The immigration website gives more detailed information on this process and also enables you to apply online. 

Work Visa

If you have a work visa you are usually issued with a permit during entry into New Zealand. A Work Permit allows you to work in NZ for a limited amount of time. You will require a job offer from a New Zealand employer to apply for this visa. If you have been working in New Zealand for at least two years after being granted a work visa and/or permit under the Work to Residence category, you can apply for residence under the Residence From Work category.

Permanent Residency

If you want to make New Zealand your long-term destination, the Skilled Migrant Category (SMC) offers you the opportunity to move to New Zealand to work and live permanently. If you qualify, you can submit an Expression of Interest (EOI), in which you claim points for skills, experience, and other factors.



The New Zealand Health System 

The health system in New Zealand is essentially composed of public hospitals (Government run) and private hospitals (privately run). New Zealand has 21 District Health Boards which make up our public hospital system in addition to many private health facilities in both the North and South Islands. 

Salaries for Nurses, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists and Anaesthetic Technicians are based on a Multi Employer Contract Agreement with the DHBs and are similar in private organisations. 



Nursing Salaries

All salaries paid will be dependent on the number of years of experience you have post-registration. New Zealand does not have a grading system such as ‘D’, ‘E’ ‘F’ etc. 

For permanent nursing roles, the starting salary for newly qualified staff is currently in the range of NZ$40,000 to NZ $45,000 per annum and the top level is NZ$46,000 to NZ$63,000 per annum. 

Unsociable hour payments, or Penal Rates as they are called in New Zealand, will add another NZ$5,000 to NZ$10,000 per annum, depending on the hours worked. 

Dividing the New Zealand salary by the current exchange rate is not really an accurate reflection of the value of your New Zealand salary as cost of living is generally lower.


Candidate Testimonials

  • MoiraNurse
    Would just like to say thank you for everything you done in helping us on our way, can't thank you and all the team at Geneva Healthcare enough for everything you done for us
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  • LesleyMidwife
    I recently moved to New Zealand from the UK and from the first phone call I felt well supported. The team at Geneva Healthcare went above and beyond to make my transition run smoothly
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