How To Apply For Agency Work


Geneva Healthcare is focussed on recruiting healthcare professionals to sustain and maintain the growth and capacity of our organisation. 

Geneva Healthcare’s nation-wide recruitment team is committed at delivering a fair and transparent recruitment process for every role, and whilst the process may vary slightly from role to role, it follows a basic structure:

Step One – Register With Us

To find out more about what Geneva Healthcare offers and to have a confidential no obligation chat, please register online or call the recruitment line 0800 266 577 directly. 

Timeframe: On average our recruitment will be in contact within 72 hours to follow up on your application. 

Step Two - Phone Screen 

One of our Recruitment Consultants will call you to discuss your requirements and assess your suitability for the position you applied for

Step Three - Interview 

This is an opportunity to get to a deeper understanding about working for Geneva Healthcare and opportunities available to match your skills and experience. 

Step Four - Background Check 

We conduct rigorous background checks which might include, depending on the role, a criminal history check, driver check or a CYFS check. 

Step Five – References

We will complete two verbal references from your most recent employer with your permission. 

Step Six - Outcome of Application 

Your Recruitment Consultant will contact you to advise the outcome of your application and whether there are any additional requirements.

Step Seven - Profiling to Client

Your Recruitment Consultant will complete a profile with an overview of your skills and experience together with your references. These are submitted to the hospitals for review and approval (this is applicable to registered health professionals)

Step Eight - Welcome to the Team

Once your recruitment process has been completed, your Consultant will be in contact to let you know and a welcome pack will be posted to you. This includes copy of your contract, timesheets, ID badge, uniform, a diary and a few promotional goodies.

Our recruitment process on average takes around one to two weeks, but this might depend on the type of role you are applying for.