Nominated and Family Carers

Are you one of the jewels providing home based care for your friends or family, funded by ACC?

In 2008, Geneva Healthcare developed a division to support ACC funded clients who are cared for at home by a family member or friend, we call these people Nominated Carers. 

The same year the tax changes meant that carers receiving payment directly from ACC would now have to pay provisional tax, GST and ACC levies, affecting the Carers income and an increase in management and paperwork. Geneva Healthcare was able to provide a solution to Clients and their carers to take the stress out of this equation.

When you join our Nominated Carer service, Geneva Healthcare is able to manage your pay and tax obligations, leaving you to focus on the important job of caring for your friend or family member. 

 We are also able to offer many other benefits for Nominated Carers choosing to work with us:

  • Regular weekly payments including holiday, sick, bereavement, statutory pay and Kiwi Saver
  • Training opportunities
  • Respite care
  • Personalised support from a Geneva Healthcare Co-ordinator

To make an enquiry about Geneva Healthcare’s homecare services or discuss your individual requirements, please call us free on 0508 HOMECARE | 0508 466 322 or use the online enquiry form on the Contact Us


Client Testimonials

  • MoiraNurse
    Would just like to say thank you for everything you done in helping us on our way, can't thank you and all the team at Geneva Healthcare enough for everything you done for us
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  • LesleyMidwife
    I recently moved to New Zealand from the UK and from the first phone call I felt well supported. The team at Geneva Healthcare went above and beyond to make my transition run smoothly
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