Disability Services: Supported Employment and Rehabilitation

Geneva Healthcare - Supported Employment and Rehabilitation Services

Geneva Elevator is part of the largest network of healthcare service providers that enables everyone in our communities to live the best lives they can whatever their situation may be due to age, disability, illness or injury.

Trusted by thousands of Kiwis nationwide since 1996, we work closely with the Ministry of Health, District Health Boards, Ministry of Social Development, and with ACC as a preferred national provider, to give our Clients the wrap around support they need including personalised home and community support or nursing services; disability, professional rehabilitation and clinical psychology services; as well as health staffing and training.

Our services are free for those eligible for public funding. Private funded care is also available.

Let your Geneva Elevator family support you, because we care from the heart, we care like family.

We can support you with these Supported Employment and Rehabilitation Services:

Get the support you need to find a job or continue with the job that you enjoy. Whatever your disability, injury or health concern, Geneva Elevator can support you with rehabilitation, skills training, and job placement so you can live independently, and enjoy living in your community.

Our Geneva Elevator training courses are open to all WINZ clients seeking employment. 

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Supported Employment Services

Training For Work: Introduction To Caregiving

Work Ready Training

Very High Needs (VHN) Support

Deaf Support Services

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THRIVE @ Geneva Elevator

Rehabilitation Services

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Find A Job (Employment Referral Form)

Supported Employment is a free service that matches potential jobs to your talents, qualifications and needs.

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Supported Employment Services

A free service that matches potential jobs to your talents, qualifications and needs.

  • Free job placement service to both employers and clients
  • Job search & job club
  • Employer networking & engagement
  • On the job support & training
  • Disability awareness training for employers
  • Sign language interpreters (if required)
  • Mental Health Employment Services
  • Deaf Support Services

To find out more about Supported Employment Service, click here

Training For Work: Introduction To Caregiving

Bay of Plenty

Get the skills you need to get back into the workforce and make a difference in people’s lives. Kick-start your career with the Training For Work: Introduction To Caregiving 13 week pre-employment training, to help you complete a Level 2 qualification, and get the skills you need to get into entry-level roles in healthcare.

Learn how to:

  • Confidently provide care & support to people with a disability, illness, injury, and the elderly
  • Communicate and assist in your Client’s health and wellbeing
  • Recognise and report risks and changes
  • Take advantage of opportunities for career advancement

To find out more about Training For Work: Introduction To Caregiving, click here

Work Ready Training

Kick start your employment search with the support you need to get a job. Develop the skills and confidence you need to achieve your employment goals with Geneva Elevator’s Work Ready 6-week pre-employment training programme.

Geneva Elevator will help you with:

  • Coaching, Mentoring and Career Advice
  • Computer/Internet Access
  • Supported Job Search
  • Budgeting Advice
  • Driving Lessons

To find out more about the Work Ready pre-employment programme, click here

Very High Needs (VHN) Support

We help you reach your goals and aspirations with individualised funding support tailored to your specific needs, to help you manage what support you require to live your best life.

To find out more about Very High Needs (VHN) Support, click here

Download the Very High Needs (VHN) Referral Form

Transition Services

If you’re a school leaver or aged 16 - 21 years with a health condition or Very High Needs ORS funded, we can help you to continue your studies, find a job or work experience, and participate in community activities you enjoy.

    To find out more about Transition Services for ORS funded students, click here

    To find out more about Transition Services for non-ORS funded students, click here

    Download the Transition Services Referral Form

    THRIVE @ Geneva Elevator

    A programme assisting young people with diverse abilities to achieve their personal best

    Geneva Elevator offers a service to young school leavers moving from the school environment into adult programmes. We work together to develop a personalised plan based on each young person's goals, needs, capabilities and aspirations. 

    THRIVE is funded by the Ministry of Social Development (MSD). The funding is to support each person to develop a life plan around community participation.

    When And Where THRIVE Is Based:

    9am - 2:30pm

    Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays

    13 Coyle Street, Sandringham, Auckland

    The THRIVE Programme:

    • Cooking
    • Community Outings
    • Exploring Auckland
    • Utilising Public Transport
    • Dance and Music
    • Arts and Crafts
    • Access to Geneva Elevator's Gym
    • Personal Trainer
    • Pet Therapy
    • SPEC Training for Work Programme

      To find out more about THRIVE @ Geneva Elevator, click here

      Deaf Support Services

      Geneva Elevator provides a variety of services for the Deaf and Hearing Impaired Community. Our Deaf Support Service will guide you through the whole process. 

      • Very High Needs (VHN) Support Services
      • Transition Services
      • Supported Employment

      To find out more about Deaf Support Services, click here

      Rehabilitation Services

      Rehabilitation therapies to help you with your recovery from injury and manage your disability.

      • In a group or individually
      • Physiotherapy – Musculoskeletal, Respiratory & Neurological
      • Occupational, Mobility & Sport Therapy
      • Art Therapies: Art, Dance, Music & Drama

      To find out more about Rehabilitation Services, click here

      Looking For Staff? (Request for Candidate Form)

      Supported Employment is a free service that matches jobs to the talents and qualifications of people with disabilities and health 

        Contact Geneva Elevator

        Let your Geneva Elevator family support you.

        Call us for advice or talk to your GP, healthcare professional, NASC, WINZ, ACC Coordinator, or your Teacher/Transition Provider, for a referral.

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