GenIOS | Online Agency Staffing

GenIOS provides you with ‘staffing intelligence’ at the click of a mouse, in real-time, 24/7, securely and simply.

This is an easy to use, straightforward portal website with a secure log in and password protected access. Designed specifically for the health staffing industry, and to make working with Geneva Healthcare easier and quicker, GenIOS offers many features like booking staff online, checking for updates on bookings, viewing timesheets and invoices, and some great reporting functions.

Ideal for:

  • Small, medium or large health facilities
  • Organisations with centralised roster offices providing information on multiple facilities


  • A secure, online booking system. Orders booked online are immediately notified to the Geneva bookings team and work can start on finding you the best person for the shift instantly.
  • Manage your bookings —search and view your orders, see shift status, identify which Geneva Staff are booked into the shift, request Geneva Staff, and easily cancel a booking.
  • Interactive and automatic communication using real time data from Geneva Healthcare’s database.
  • Tracking of bookings, identify which of your staff placed the order and which Geneva Consultant filled the booking.
  • Ability to request multiple types of staff for multiple days and shift types.
  • Online tracking record of all Geneva’s Agency staff who have worked for your organisation in the past.
  • Easy reconciliation of invoices through online timesheet view which includes cost breakdown.
  • Reporting and benchmarking of shift bookings. Additional reporting can be created on request.

Benefits include:

  • Simple ordering system, all requirements are preloaded and tailored to your organisation
  • Transparent information on all agency bookings Improved and accurate communication between your bookings staff and Geneva Healthcare, eliminate the need for numerous phone calls or emails.
  • Improved co-ordination and management of the booking process
  • Easy access to reports and management data

For more information on this ordering system that can revolutionise how your organisation manages your Agency Staff bookings contact Geneva Healthcare.

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