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Change Day 2017 Success Story  

Change Day 2017 Success Story

“There is no point being here if you can’t go out and make a difference”

Josephine Wallis, Geneva Healthcare Chief Executive


Over the past 6 months, Geneva Healthcare and the community have been working together to help make a difference in the healthcare industry through the Change Day campaign. Change Day is a global movement fuelled by individuals pledging to help improve the healthcare experience for everyone. In New Zealand, it’s about individual Kiwis taking small steps that can collectively bring about big changes.


Pictured:  Josephine Wallis, Geneva Healthcare Chief Executive, with the Hospice North Shore (Takapuna, Auckland) Team

Along with staff, friends, family, and Clients, Geneva put their pledges into concrete actions that benefited the communities.


Hospice Donation Drive

The company-wide pledge to donate goods to the Hospice retail shops nationwide made a difference to the people and families in Hospice care. “This pledge is about making a real contribution to our communities, and inspiring others to also pledge for positive change,” says Josephine Wallis, Geneva Healthcare Chief Executive.


Minds for Minds Fund Raising

Geneva Healthcare helped support Minds for Minds, an Autism research network, by promoting the sale of their limited edition Ken Griffen designed t-shirts to raise funds for the Autism research project. Ken was originally the Creative Director for the Huffer Brand.


Pictured:  Josephine Wallis and her son, Michael, model the Minds For Minds T-Shirts


Elder Abuse Week

Geneva Healthcare also focused on raising awareness around abuse of elders. Every staff member made the pledge to bring this issue to the attention of other Kiwis, and people worldwide, to help stop elder abuse.


Pictured: Geneva Staff raise awareness of elder abuse


Helping Children in Need of Care

Geneva Elevator joined their Client, Eilish Wilkes, in encouraging all Kiwis to join her Change Day pledge in supporting children in need of care by gifting her book, Hospital Happenings, to a child in hospital or a child they know with health concerns. The book gives children the comfort of knowing they’re not alone and helps them feel less afraid of hospital visits.




With the 2017 Change Day campaign coming to a close, Geneva Healthcare’s staff pledge to continue to make a difference with our Clients, our families and our communities. A strong supporter of Change Day since 2015, Geneva Healthcare are looking forward to joining the rest of the world in next year’s campaign and making an even bigger difference yet again.

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