Geneva & The Community

Geneva Healthcare's Approach to Corporate Responsibility

Geneva Healthcare’s strong approach to corporate responsibility ensures that everyone within the organisation understands their responsibilities and engagement with our community, our clients, our consumers, our colleagues, and our environment.

Commitment to our Customers

Geneva Healthcare is committed to providing industry leading health care services to our customers. Our delivery is underpinned by lasting partnerships and simple, effective service delivery methods:

  • Responsiveness
  • Quality staff and service
  • Safety and risk management
  • Commitment and loyalty
  • Specialisation and Focus
  • Innovation

Your Rights and Your Privacy 

Geneva Healthcare believes that each client is worthy of and has the right to expect considerate, respectful, quality care with due regard and respect for gender, race religion, culture, sexuality, educational and economic background.  We take responsibility for the standard of care you receive from us.  Geneva Healthcare adheres to the Code of Health & Disability Services Consumers’ Rights (1996), the ACC Code of Claimants Rights (2003) and the Privacy Act (1993).  

Commitment to Quality - Complaints, Feedback and Suggestions

Geneva Healthcare is committed to ongoing quality improvement and works from a platform of quality policy and process with transparency and a robust system for handling complaints, feedback and suggestions, overseen by a dedicated Quality Manager.

We regularly encourage our Clients and Employees to provide feedback on our service at least twice a year. Results are reviewed by the Quality & Risk Committee and areas for improvement are identified and acted upon. Regular feedback is sought from our clients about the quality of our casual staff who have worked for them. This feedback is then provided to the employee as a means for recognition and personal development.

The Complaints Process

A fair and thorough process to investigate is applied to all complaints and service feedback. The Quality and Risk Committee review all complaints received with a view to identifying any areas of improvement to be made.

How to make a complaint or provide service feedback:
In the first instance please speak to your Geneva Healthcare Co-ordinator or the department manager.

Phone:    0800 436 382
Write to: The Quality Manager, Geneva Healthcare, PO Box 106339, Auckland 1010


Just as it is very important that we hear about anything that is not correct or of a suitable standard we love to hear about what we or any of our staff are doing well.  Our employees really appreciate it if we are able to pass on compliments to them so please contact your Co-ordinator if you want to share a positive story about the supports you have or are receiving.